Our Lineage

Shinran Shonin, Our Founder

Cleveland Buddhist Temple is a Shin Buddhist temple affiliated with the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA). The Buddhist Churches of America represents the Shin Buddhist tradition, also known as Jodo-Shinshu or “True Pure Land School,” which came to the west from Japan in the late 1800’s.


Presently, the BCA consists of roughly 60 churches or temples located throughout the United States. It has a following of about 16,000 members and is open to every person seeking a Buddhist spiritual home.

BCA is part of the Nishi Hongwanji tradition of Shin Buddhism, with its mother temple located in Kyoto, Japan. Nishi Hongwanji has a history and tradition of over 400 years, but Shin Buddhism itself traces its roots back to Shinran Shonin, nearly 800 years ago.

To go back even further, Shin Buddhism is part of the Mahayana Pure Land Buddhist tradition which goes back to ancient India, and the origins of Buddhism some 2500 years ago.

You can read more about the teachings of Shinran Shonin and Shin Buddhism under the BUDDHISM tab of our website. But, to truly understand the teachings, you have to live them.


Please join our community for services and events at the Cleveland Buddhist Temple to deepen your own understanding of what the Buddha taught and the true purpose of your own life.

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